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Balance of left & right brain

Balance of left & right brain

Most young children are excited about doing a creative activity, while others rush through a project or are quick to complain, “I can’t draw.” The child that doodles while listening to directions instead of attentively keeping eye contact frustrates many a teacher. Some adults might struggle to understand their child’s quirky obsession with wearing matching clothing at all times. This simply has to do with brain than one might think. A young child’s brain is letting its dominant side take over, and not blend with the other in order to reach its full potential. With most kids more comfortable using their right hand, they begin their journey as left- brain dominant not tapping into their right-brain potential. So, how to encourage right-brain thinking in children? Encouraging kids brains to be more right-brain dependent can be as easy as doing some creative activities that don’t overwhelm or frustrate left-brain learners. Right-brain dominant kids might also need some assistance in getting excited about researching that essay or finding ways to organize their room, finding ways to encourage the use of both sides of the brain creates a complete human, resulting in harmony and the use of its full potential. It is not a question of either/or – right brain or left brain.

There are few brain exercises that help their brain in order to channelize their individual brain side energy. For eg:
Right brain can be optimize by asking your child to find an interesting picture from magazine and use a ruler to cut off 3 by 3 inch part of the image and then cut away the rest. Encourage the child’s right brain to take over and make decisions through recreating the same section of picture. When children are not sure of what they are drawing, the left brain is tricked into thinking that activity is not worth its time and allows right brain to take in charge. Play music while a child is working and support his artwork when needed.

Whereas, for left brain you we can use a paper collage of different colours and before starting parents should discuss with kids in order to make them visualize a bigger picture. Also, they should be given stuff that are visually appealing to them as in rulers, pencils etc. Here at Creative Land we create the perfect atmosphere for kids to give them the best of both the brain worlds.

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